Paul Venn: Freelance Interdisciplinary Creative.
Freelance interdisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in film, graphic design and photography.

Installation / Film / Graphic Design

‘What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is.’
St. Augustine.

A project that was born out of curiosity as to why we experience a directionality to this force we refer to as time.

The resulting outcomes spanning a vast variety of design mediums from film to installation, not only manifesting themselves as an explanation of the researched material, but also as a tool to continue testing the concepts explored.

The idea was to try and engage people, in a way that was tangible and accessible, to the notions of entropy and The Second Law of Thermodynamics. An aim being to evoke curiosity and wonder, but possibly most importantly, access in to the discussion and debate on something that each and every one of us experience on a near constant basis.