Paul Venn: freelance interdisciplinary creative.
The documentation of a joint project between Brigitte Stepputtis (Vivienne Westwood's head of couture) and Scanlab. Their aim was to explore a new way of capturing fashion through the medium of 3D scanning in an experimental and playful way, with the focus being on the strong shadows created through this process.

My role during the project was to capture the process through film and photography, with these being some of those photographs. A particular challenge of this task was to be able to create good results while working simultaneously with the many other groups, all with very different objectives throughout the time on site. Good communication and team work was vital to ensure everyone could work effectively and efficiently.

Let's Start A Pussy Riot
Holly Simpson Business Cards
Things I Now Know About My Postman
The End Of Time
Insufficient Data For A Meaningful Answer
24 Hours Of Snow In South East London
Life And Death On A Scanner
The Flamingo Welfare & Behaviour Project
The May Event
ICON Yachts: Boat International
Building An ICON
International Tug Of War Day
ICON Yachts: Refits
ICON Yachts: Specifications
Norburton Hall: Grounds & Gardens
ICON Yachts: Monaco Stand