Paul Venn: Freelance Interdisciplinary Creative.
Freelance interdisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in film, graphic design and photography.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography & Film

For the Goldsmiths 2012 degree show I was part of the small team that ran the branding and graphic design of the show.

The name Michael was proposed and voted for by the year and when it got to us there seemed to be a variety of ideas as to why it was called Michael.

So as a small branding team we sat down and decided that Michael was a ‘blank canvas’. A canvas upon which each of us could instil the dreams, aspirations and qualities of the viewers/users we had in our own minds.

The challenge was to create an identity of no identity. We chose greyboard as our starting material for the catalogues as to us it held the least amount of predetermined personality, even less so that white card. The name Michael then became a light emboss that was nearly invisible to the eye on first glance, again establishing this idea of little being predetermined.