Paul Venn: freelance interdisciplinary creative.
Freelance interdisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in film, graphic design and photography.

Introducing ICON Yachts

Art Direction/Graphic Design/Photography

During my time on-site for Icon Yachts, I was in charge of documenting much of the yard activity. This series depicts part of the laborious process involved in the construction of Icon's latest luxury yacht.The brief was to design a booklet that could be handed out to any potential clients of ICON Yachts. It needed to be clear what ICON Yachts is all about and give any viewer a quick overview.

Provided with a lot of information, the first task was to split this in to key sections to give the booklet some structure. These were then colour coded to create clear separation between the elements. With the finale centring around uniting all the colours as a summary of Icon Yachts and what it can bring to the potential client.

My role involved taking it from the drawing board right through to being printed at a professional standard with full control over the development. Writing much of it myself, I also created all the graphical elements, as well as took and edited most of the photography.