Paul Venn: Freelance Interdisciplinary Creative.
Freelance interdisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in film, graphic design and photography.

Film / Motion Graphics / Photography

Directed, shot, edited and produced motion graphics for a film to present PAN Studio's Run An Empire project.
Art Direction / Photography

Portraits of Blackmale Beats.
Art Direction / Graphic Design

My task was to do the art direction and graphic design for the Rough Trade published Let's Start a Pussy Riot. This involved managing the process from the early stages right through to working along side the printers during final production.

The book was launched during Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival at Southbank.

Photography / Film

Photography and film documentation of a collaborative art project, using 3D scanning technology to capture a series of directed events.
Art Direction / Graphic Design

An exhibition 'map' produced for Roehampton University's MA Performance & Creative Research course.

2 colour risograph print on Munken 150gsm.
Art Direction / Film / Photography

Captured the day through film and photography, editing the above film to provide an overview of the day.
Art Direction / Graphic Design / Photography

A project born from the curiosity of what I would be left with after scanning a moving image.

The shots have been set up so that at the beginning of the scan the character in question is alive, but by the time the scanner has reached the right hand side of the shot, they are no more.
Art Direction / Film

A series of films were done to reveal the beauty and tranquillity of the grounds and gardens of Norburton Hall, luxury self-catering accommodation nestled in 6 acres of estate on the South West Coast of England. The thought behind it was to create something that would appeal to busy city dwellers looking for a moment of respite from their daily lives.
Art Direction / Graphic Design

I was approached to develop the identity for a study on, to put it simply, whether or not flamingos have friends.

This section serves as an insight to the development of the project.
Art Direction / Film

Directed, shot and edited a film for Cinter's XYZ project.
Art Direction / Identity / Graphic Design

Logo designs for Antic's Ravensbourne Arms pub.
Art Direction / Graphic Design

A special reprint of the Boat International article on M/Y Baton Rouge required a cover. The brief was to create something distinctive, but that would remain in keeping with the existing style of the Boat International covers.
Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography

The brief was to create a clean and simple logo that would reflect Rumours, a London-based group of musicians. I chose to use the mathematical symbol for 'approximately equal to' as the basis for the logo, representing how rumours distort as they spread, which was then reenforced in the photography by creating visual representations of rumours.
Graphic Design

Freelance interdisciplinary creative based in London, specialising in film, graphic design and photography.

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